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Metal Braces

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Metal Braces

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Metal Braces in Grimsby Ontario

Traditional metal braces have been around for a long time and the techniques used to design and set these braces are well-understood. Among the most often used types of braces, metal braces can provide excellent results by realigning teeth and the jaw for a straight and healthy smile.

Learn about metal braces in Grimsby and book your consultation at Emerald Orthodontics.

Do You Need Braces?

According to research, only 35 percent of the adult population has properly aligned teeth. Mild misalignment won’t cause serious issues, but in many cases, braces will be needed to protect your smile and overall oral health.

You might need braces if:

  • Your teeth are visibly crowded, spaced, or misaligned.
  • You have difficulty cleaning around crowded or crooked teeth.
  • Your teeth don’t come together properly when biting and chewing.
  • You have trouble speaking and pronouncing words and sounds.
  • You have stress or discomfort in your jaw after eating.
  • Your jaw clicks or makes other noises

Types of Braces Available for You

Metal braces are one of the types of braces available at Emerald Orthodontics. Dr. Jessica Nardone and her experienced team will evaluate your case to determine the types of braces that would provide the best results in your situation.

The most commonly used types of braces used include:

  • Traditional metal braces
  • Ceramic braces
  • Clear aligners like Invisalign®

Metal braces have progressed in both design and materials over the years. Today, these types of braces are lighter and thinner to provide more comfortable and aesthetic solution for tooth alignment.

How do Metal Orthodontic Braces Work?

Metal orthodontic braces (and all types of orthodontic braces) work by repositioning teeth over time. The braces apply consistent pressure to gradually realign teeth and the jaw. Over time, the jaw adapts, and teeth are moved into their ideal functional and aesthetic position.

Metal orthodontic braces are cost-efficient and easy to maintain. Modern designs aren’t as bulky as those in the past. Although there’s often some stigma and misconceptions surrounding metal orthodontic braces, the truth is that modern designs are much more pleasing, and you can still have a beautiful smile without embarrassment throughout orthodontic braces treatment.

How the Different Elements of Metal Braces Work to Align Your Smile

Each component is important in the process, working to align and straighten your smile.

  • Brackets – The brackets used for modern braces are made from stainless steel and other metals. The materials are designed for durability and will resist corrosion and other damage. The brackets have small hooks from where Dr. Nardone can thread a wire to adjust the pressure and fit. Brackets are attached to teeth using a safe and reliable dental adhesive.
  • Wire – Brackets are connected by a thin wire. This wire is replaced or adjusted to suit the curvature of your teeth while gradually repositioning them into alignment. The wire usually connects to brackets on all of the upper and/or lower teeth, depending on your treatment needs. In some special cases, it may only connect to a limited number of teeth.
  • Elastics – If you need adjustment to your bite then Dr. Nardone may use elastics connecting brackets between the upper and lower teeth. The elastics will gradually guide the teeth to reset their position to correct an overbite or underbite. Elastics come in different sizes so that the treatment can be customized to your needs.
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