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Jaw Surgery​

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Jaw Surgery​

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Patients in Grimsby and the nearby areas can have jaw surgery planned by the experienced team at Emerald Orthodontics. Jaw surgery, formally known as orthognathic surgery, is recommended in some cases where the upper and lower jaws are significantly out of alignment

Orthognathic surgery addresses anatomical and functional concerns and can also have the benefit of improving facial esthetics. Learn about jaw surgery with Dr. Jessica Nardone by scheduling your consultation today.

Do You Need Orthognathic Surgery?

If you suffer from an improper bite or jaws that are out of position, then you are a potential candidate for orthognathic surgery.

The jaws grow gradually from childhood into early adulthood. However, the upper and lower jaws may not grow in perfect harmony. There are many factors that can contribute to misaligned jaws

  • Genetics: Quite often jaw issues are inherited
  • Habits: Such as thumb sucking, mouth-breathing, tongue-thrusting, grinding
  • Medical conditions: Like cleft lip and palate or other craniofacial abnormalities
  • Missing or misaligned teeth:  Can prevent the jaws from opening and closing properly and can lead to skeletal changes in the jaws
  • Trauma

Orthognathic surgery can correct disharmony in the jaws and solve problems related to speech, chewing function, appearance, and other aspects of your oral health.

Whether you have experienced symptoms long-term, or if they have developed in recent months or years, Dr. Nardone and her team will provide a complete evaluation and diagnosis to plan a successful jaw straightening surgery.

Planning Jaw Straightening Surgery

A clinical examination is combined with a radiographic examination to properly diagnose and plan the specifics of your case.

Dr. Jessica Nardone will work in collaboration with an orthognathic surgeon who will be the one that is performing the surgical component of your case. Typically braces or aligners are used to align the teeth within the misaligned jaws first. When you are nearing the end of the tooth alignment phase of your orthodontic treatment, you will undergo orthognathic surgery to reposition your jaws. Then you will continue to see Dr. Nardone to finalize your tooth alignment for several months following the surgery. Dr. Nardone has a lot of experience with jaw straightening surgery patients. Her detail-oriented approach will give you confidence and peace of mind from your initial consultation right through your treatment to your post-operative care.

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