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Iconix® Braces

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Iconix® Braces

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What are Iconix® Braces?

Stainless-steel brackets in gold/champagne color are the essence of Iconix® braces, which offer a sophisticated and elegant alternative to traditional braces.

Due to their stainless-steel material, Iconix® Braces are just as durable and as effective as traditional metal braces.

Why Choose Iconix® Braces?

Iconix® braces enable you to achieve straighter teeth while providing a low-profile, smaller size. They possess a smooth design paired with thin gold wires for pleasing esthetics that cannot be beaten in performance. Their attractive finish and color will not fade or chip during orthodontic treatment.

In comparison to the traditional, silver metal braces, the Iconix® gold braces can be a very stylish option for patients with a modern lifestyle.

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