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Early Treatment

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Early Treatment

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Early Treatment – Kids Braces for Growing Smiles

It is recommended that children see an orthodontist at age 7, shortly after the adult teeth start to erupt. This is a key stage where orthodontic devices may be required to correct issues with tooth alignment and occlusion (how teeth come together). Kids braces or appliances are commonly used to treat issues with crowding or the bite itself. Learn about the treatment options available at Emerald Orthodontics in Grimsby Ontario.

Does Your Child Need Early Orthodontic Treatment?

Permanent teeth usually come in between the ages of 5-7 years old

Some of the signs you can look out for:

  • Young children that have crooked and crowded baby teeth are more likely to need kids’ braces or appliances when the adult teeth begin to erupt.
  • Crowding of newly erupting adult teeth is the most obvious sign that you need to see an orthodontist. Sometimes intervening with an appliance or kids braces will prevent the need for extractions by creating more space for the adult teeth to erupt.
  • Misalignment of the jaws such as an underbite, overbite, or crossbite is a sign that your child may benefit from kids’ braces. When the teeth don’t align, there can be problems with speech, eating and chewing.
  • Prolonged thumb-sucking or other oral habits can cause the front teeth to protrude outwards. Kids braces or habit breaker type appliances can help to eliminate the habit and reduce the protrusion.
  • If your child breathes heavily through their mouth, or if they sleep with the mouth in an open position, it is a strong sign that they may need some orthodontic intervention.

Your family dentist may recommend visiting an orthodontist when they notice the telltale signs that your child needs braces. Dr. Jessica Nardone can provide care for kids that need braces or other appliances to correct orthodontic problems.

Kids Braces Can be Fun with Cool Braces Colours

If your child needs traditional metal braces, we can make them fun with cool braces colours. Tiny little elastic ligatures are tied around the braces (rubber bands) are tied around the braces and are available in a variety of cool braces colours that can be changed any time that your child is booked for an adjustment.

Your child can choose their own cool braces colours for holidays, special events or just for fun when they are visiting our clinic. Cool braces colours make the smile unique and are an effective way to help children overcome any hesitation that they feel about wearing braces.

Orthodontic Expander for Children

Children with crowding and a narrow palate can receive treatment with an orthodontic expander. A narrow palate limits the available space for erupting adult teeth and can increase the risk of moderate and severe orthodontic issues later in life. An orthodontic expander very gently expands the width of the palate to allow for crossbite correction of molar teeth and also to allow for more space in the dental arch for the adult teeth to fit.

  • The orthodontic expander is placed in the upper jaw near the roof of the mouth.
  • Adjustments are carefully managed by Dr. Nardone to gradually expand the palatal width palate towards the sides of the mouth.

More than just increasing space, orthodontic expanders for children can create the ideal arch form.

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