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Located in Grimsby on the picturesque southern shore of Lake Ontario, Emerald Orthodontics proudly serves the Greater Toronto and Hamilton areas. If you’re looking for an orthodontist near Toronto, you’ll find that Dr. Jessica Nardone and her team provide professional care with detailed treatment planning for the most ideal patient outcomes.

If you have problems with your bite or want to improve the esthetic of your smile, you can schedule a consultation with our orthodontist near Toronto today.

Signs You Need to See an Orthodontist Near Toronto

You can visit an orthodontist near Toronto to receive treatment for issues relating to the teeth, mouth, and jaws. Your orthodontist near Toronto has the experience and training to provide solutions for alignment problems.

Most visits to an orthodontist near Toronto are related to:

  • Overcrowding of teeth along the jaw, creating problems with esthetic, dental hygiene, and overall dental health.
  • Crooked teeth that are embarrassing and difficult to clear.
  • Excessive tooth spacing.
  • An open bite, overbite, underbite, or crossbite.

These issues are typically corrected with child braces, teen braces, or adult braces. Jaw surgery is also an option for the most advanced cases.

Even the most complex orthodontic issues can be overcome with the help of a professional orthodontist near Toronto.

Children and Braces

Dr. Nardone and her team are experienced with children and braces, providing effective treatments to correct orthodontic issues early. Children and braces get along well when treatment is provided by a caring and compassionate orthodontist.

There are debates around children and braces and at which age treatment should begin. Children and braces are usually considered around 12 years of age. Your child may also require palate expansion which is achieved with a special bracing device. Some treatments begin earlier.

If you think your child needs treatment, especially if their teeth are misaligned or don’t come together properly, you can schedule a consultation to learn all about children and braces with Dr. Jessica Nardone.

Teen Braces

Teen braces are worn for around six months to two years, depending on how much orthodontic correction is necessary.

Teen braces help to reposition teeth and the jaws before development stops. With teen braces, you can ensure that your kids get professional treatment with fewer complications later in life. While adults can be treated with braces, the treatment options are less extensive once the teeth and jaws are fully grown.

Teen braces are carefully fitted to ensure comfort. There can be some discomfort after the initial fitting and after incremental adjustments. Dr. Nardone and the team at Emerald Orthodontics carefully manage the process to ensure that braces don’t cause any pain or unnecessary discomfort. Any discomfort after adjustments usually lasts for a couple of days before subsiding.

Adult Braces

Adults can wear braces to correct problems with alignment. If you want to improve your smile with a more consistent and esthetic appearance, our team is ready to help. Adult braces can correct issues that linger from childhood, and with the use of custom retainers, the results are permanent.

Jaw surgery is available for adults with complex and severe orthodontic issues. Dr. Nardone is a certified orthodontist and jaw surgeon.

Orthodontic Retainers

Braces can treat orthodontic issues, but ongoing management is required for long-term treatment success. Orthodontic retainers are used to keep teeth maintained in their correct positions. Patients can wear orthodontic retainers for several months or several years after treatment, depending on the specific case.

The role of an orthodontic retainer is to prevent post-treatment tooth movement. Orthodontic retainers are designed to be comfortable and are low-profile so they’re difficult to see in the smile. An orthodontic retainer is a simple, efficient, and esthetic way to maintain your beautiful smile after braces are removed.

Custom Mouth Guards

You can have custom mouth guards designed at our clinic. Orthodontic custom mouth guards are different from regular mouth guards. They are designed to fit with the brackets and archwires of braces without damaging the components. Custom mouth guards are ideal for kids and adults that wear braces and play sports.

Other custom mouth guards are available including those used for bruxism (teeth grinding).

For professional orthodontic custom mouth guards, book an appointment for an evaluation and fitting at Emerald Orthodontics.

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