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If you’re looking for a Stoney Creek orthodontist, you can get the best possible care at Emerald Orthodontics. With Dr. Jessica Nardone and her team, there’s a range of effective treatments available from Invisalign® clear aligners to traditional braces and jaw surgery.

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Who Should See an Orthodontist near Stoney Creek?

Children can see an orthodontist for a screening starting at around age 7, or whenever recommended by your family dentist. Adults can also get effective treatment from an Orthodontist near Stoney Creek at any age.

Your orthodontist servicing patients from Stoney Creek is a specialist dental professional offering treatment for:

  • Overbite, underbite, and crossbite.
  • Severe tooth crowding.
  • Jaw alignment issues.
  • Finger or thumb habits.
  • Protruding or incorrectly positioned teeth.
  • Problems with a narrow palate.
  • Developmental problems with the jaw.

Treatments provided by your orthodontist can range from mild correction with an Invisalign® clear aligner, to moderate or severe correction with braces or other orthodontic appliances. Your orthodontist treating patients from Stoney Creek will provide several options for treatment wherever available, providing you with all the information that you need to make a decision that will benefit your overall oral health.

You can get treated by our orthodontist in Grimsby at Emerald Orthodontics.

Adult Treatment with an Orthodontist

A growing number of adults elect to see an orthodontist servicing patients from surrounding locations near Stoney Creek each year. While orthodontic treatments are often associated with kids and teens, a significant number of adults have untreated issues that can be corrected with braces, jaw surgery, or Invisalign®.

There are fewer options for treatment as you age, but the available treatments are highly effective. Adults have all permanent teeth erupted and the jaws have fully developed. The most common options for adult treatment with an orthodontist include:

  • Metal braces to treat crowding, spaced teeth, and issues with the bite.
  • Ceramic (clear) braces for a more esthetic treatment option.
  • Lingual braces attached to the back of the teeth for the most esthetic treatment.
  • Clear removable aligners for minor and severe issues with spacing and tooth position.

Dr. Nardone has extensive education and experience to provide orthodontic treatment to patients travelling to Grimsby from Stoney Creek.

Making the Right Choice for Stoney Creek Orthodontics

Dr. Nardone takes the time to evaluate every case carefully and recommend the most suitable treatments for functional and esthetic results.

Metal braces are among the most used appliances in patients from Stoney Creek seeking orthodontic treatment. These are reliable and the designs have improved over time to make them more comfortable and less noticeable. Even so, many adults and teens feel self-conscious about metal braces. Patients from Stoney Creek seeking orthodontic treatment can consider ceramic or lingual braces for a more low-profile appearance.

Ceramic braces are also known as clear or invisible braces. They are less abrasive and cause less irritation in the mouth, but the adjustments are minor so the treatment can take longer. There’s a trade off for a more esthetic solution but it’s one you might be willing to make based on your unique needs and your lifestyle. Braces can also be installed on the back sides of the teeth in some cases, making them unnoticeable.

Our orthodontic appliances will be expertly designed and fitted no matter your final decision. The goal will always be optimal comfort and the best long-term outcome. Dr. Nardone can explain all your options for orthodontics. Your decision will be your own and you will have all the information that you need so that you can consider the pros and cons of the various treatments.

Invisalign® near Stoney Creek

You can choose Invisalign® as a patient from Stoney Creek, as an alternative treatment to metal or ceramic braces. Invisalign® is suited to mild and moderate corrections.

With Invisalign®, you will enjoy an esthetic and convenient solution that provides great functional outcomes. A clear appliance will be worn almost all day except when eating, drinking anything but water, or performing regular oral hygiene care. The aligner slowly guides teeth through a process like traditional braces, without the need to attach brackets, arch-wires, and elastics.

Invisalign® is available for patients of all ages who have adult teeth. Invisalign® can be safely and effectively used to treat patients as young as seven years of age. Talk to us today to find out if Invisalign® is right for you.

Get the Comfortable, Functional, and Healthy Smile You Deserve

As a patient from Stoney Creek, whether receiving treatment with Invisalign®, traditional braces, or jaw surgery to correct alignment and functional issues, you will get the best possible care from the team at Emerald Orthodontics. Schedule your consultation and benefit from in-depth diagnosis and treatment planning from our caring orthodontist.

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