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Home to almost half a million residents, St. Catharines is the most populous area in the Niagara region. If you call this beautiful city home, you will appreciate having access to specialist care for you and your family. When you need an Orthodontist near St. Catharines, Emerald Orthodontics is a short drive away in Grimsby on the lakeshore.

Dr. Jessica Nardone and her team provide a range of treatment options including Invisalign® to patients from St. Catharines, for pain-free tooth alignment and a flawless smile.

A Thorough and Compassionate Orthodontist near St. Catharines

With a professional orthodontist near St. Catharines, you will enjoy detailed solutions with specialist care for a perfectly functional and esthetic smile. Dr. Nardone is a certified orthodontist near St. Catharines who will focus on your unique needs to tailor the treatment approach for the best outcome.

Dr. Nardone is a professional orthodontist near St. Catharines when you want a caring practitioner and surgeon who will take time to understand the complexities of your case, provide the information you need to make the right decision, and ensure that you are comfortable with how the treatment is progressing.

Our team takes pride in offering the most effective long-term solutions with orthodontic treatment near St. Catharines, at our Grimsby location.

Orthodontic Treatment for Patients From St. Catherines

As a patient from St. Catharines , you can book an appointment with our Orthodontist for treatments relating to the position of the teeth and jaws, including:

  • Early treatment for children from Catharines with our orthodontic clinic in Grimsby
  • Adult treatment.
  • Jaw (orthognathic) surgery.
  • Ceramic and traditional metal braces.
  • Invisalign®
  • Custom Catharines patients’ orthodontic appliances.

Patients from St. Catharines visit our orthodontist who is focused on treatments that are designed to correct abnormalities with the jaws and teeth. You can book a consultation for diagnosis and treatment as a patient from St. Catharines with our orthodontist. For children, we can supervise facial development and provide appropriate treatments when abnormalities occur. We provide treatment with braces and retainers for problems with the bite.

Each case is carefully evaluated by our experienced orthodontist to ensure that the treatment plan delivers a positive outcome.

St. Catharines Patients’ Orthodontic Treatment for Adults

One in five patients who require Orthodontics is an adult. For our patients from St. Catharines, braces, Invisalign®, and surgery are the most common forms of orthodontics treatment after the teeth and jaws are fully developed.

Adults in St. Catharines have fewer orthodontic treatments than children but the available treatments are highly advanced. Each case is carefully reviewed to ensure that we deliver the best possible outcome based on the unique circumstances. Adults can wear orthodontics like braces. Traditional metal and ceramic options are available. For moderate and minor cases for patients from St. Catharines, where teeth are crowded or spaced, Invisalign® may be used.

Types of Dental Braces for Patients from St. Catharines

Dental braces, for patients from St. Catharines, are used to align teeth and correct the position of the jaw. Braces can be used in minor, moderate, and some severe cases without the need for jaw surgery. You can book an appointment with Dr. Nardone to learn if dental braces are right for you.

Dental braces can be the traditional metal type or modern ceramic braces. Metal braces provide excellent results but some patients can feel self-conscious when wearing them. Ceramic dental braces are more comfortable and less visible and are the esthetic solution for moderate cases.

Invisalign® is also offered as an alternative to dental braces for some cases.

What is Invisalign® for Patients near St. Catharines?

Invisalign® is a clear plastic aligner worn on the teeth for most of the day. You will only need to remove Invisalign® for cleaning, rinsing, and flossing, or whenever you are eating or drinking anything other than water.

Invisalign® is comfortable and a new appliance is fitted for adjustments in small increments. The process is similar to having braces but without the discomfort or components attached to teeth.

Invisalign® has limitations and the treatment isn’t suited to severe cases. Dr. Nardone may recommend Invisalign® based on your diagnosis and the appropriate dental scans.

Your Perfect Smile Awaits

Problems with your bite and the position of your jaw can have an impact on speech and simple activities like eating and chewing. Without treatment, the appearance of your teeth could sap your confidence. At Emerald Orthodontics, you can get effective orthodontic solutions that correct functional issues while also presenting your smile as it should be – beautiful and natural. We’ll create your best smile yet.

Book your appointment and begin consultation with a professional orthodontist in Grimsby, for patients living in or near St. Catharines, today.

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