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The majestic Niagara Falls region is your home and with its proximity to both Hamilton and St. Catharines, there are excellent dental care services available. If you need an orthodontist near Niagara, you can get professional treatment at Emerald Orthodontics in Grimsby. Dr. Jessica Nardone is a certified orthodontist located near Niagara Falls, providing comprehensive care with the most effective patient outcomes.

Learn about the treatments available as a Niagara based patient with our orthodontist and schedule a consultation today.

Signs You Need an Orthodontist near Niagara Falls

Several telltale signs can indicate it’s time to see an orthodontist near Niagara Falls.

  • If you have overcrowding, where teeth appear not to fit onto the jaw correctly, you can get treatment with our orthodontist, as a patient from Niagara Falls.
  • Crooked teeth can be treated with braces or Invisalign® with your orthodontist nearby Niagara Falls.
  • An open bite, overbite, or underbite can be corrected with orthodontics.
  • Pain in the jaw can be referred to our orthodontist for diagnosis and treatment.

Some symptoms can be related to the above problems. Problems pronouncing words. Issues when chewing and eating. Feeling like your teeth don’t come together correctly… these are all signs that indicate you have a problem with your teeth or jaws.

Our Grimsby orthodontist, a short drive from Niagara, will evaluate your case to determine the most effective treatment options. You can get advanced care beyond what your family dentist can offer when you visit an orthodontist near Niagara Falls.

Treatment Options with Orthodontic Braces for Niagara Patients

There is a range of treatment options with orthodontics. The right one for you depends on your age and the condition that you are experiencing.

Many of the most common issues are treated using orthodontics like braces. Braces gradually reposition teeth and jaws into alignment for a more functional and esthetic smile. Kids can get treatments like palate expansion to guide the jaw into its optimal position. Because adults have fully developed jaws, the treatment options are fewer but still highly effective.

In the most severe cases, treatment can be provided with jaw surgery. Dr. Nardone is a certified orthodontist and jaw surgeon available to provide professional care to patients near Niagara Falls and nearby areas.

Traditional and Clear Braces with a Professional Orthodontist Near Niagara Falls

Traditional metal braces have evolved over time and are now slimmer and more esthetic than in the past. However, many patients still feel self-conscious about wearing braces. Dr. Nardone, your local orthodontist near Niagara Falls, can provide some different options for braces based on your needs.

  • Traditional metal braces are cost-efficient, durable, and relatively comfortable when designed and placed by an expert orthodontist.
  • Ceramic braces (also known as clear or invisible braces) have a lower profile, are less visible, and are less abrasive so they wear more comfortably. They aren’t as durable as metal braces so are used for minor and some moderate cases.
  • Lingual braces are the true ‘invisible’ braces as they’re located behind the teeth. Book an appointment with your orthodontist to find out if these are right for you.

Braces are the gold standard for correcting tooth and jaw alignment and are used in most cases where surgery is unnecessary.

Invisalign® with Your Orthodontist Near Niagara

If you have minor or moderate tooth spacing or alignment issues, you could get fantastic results with Invisalign®. Prescribed and managed by your orthodontist, Invisalign® is a clear plastic aligner worn on the teeth to gradually guide them into their correct position.

Invisalign® from your orthodontist can provide effective treatment without the need to have braces. The solution is esthetic and easy to care for. It is also comfortable, so patients of all ages often prefer this approach.

Invisalign® appliances are worn throughout the day. They are only removed for dental hygiene and when eating or drinking. While not quite invisible, the esthetic is preferable to metal braces and the material is non-irritating so you can get used to wearing Invisalign® in a few days. A new appliance is created for scheduled adjustments.

We’re your orthodontist near Niagara for Invisalign® clear aligners. Invisalign® treatment is available for patients with all of their adult teeth, including children from seven years of age. If you or someone in your family needs effective treatment for mild crowding, spacing, or other orthodontic issues, Invisalign® may be the best choice.

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Everyone deserves a comfortable, straight, and healthy smile. You can’t get the most out of life when your teeth are irregular, misplaced, or causing discomfort. Dr. Nardone believes that oral and dental health is closely linked to your overall health and well being. You’ll feel the same when you see how our approach to orthodontics can improve your smile and self-confidence.

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