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Your orthodontist near Lincoln can provide effective care to correct issues of the teeth and jaws. Spacing, problems with the bite, and alignment issues are expertly treated by Dr. Jessica Nardone and the talented team at Emerald Orthodontics.

Learn how your orthodontist near Lincoln can provide the most effective outcome with a range of treatment options.

Is it Time to Visit Your Orthodontist Near Lincoln?

You can visit your orthodontist near Lincoln any time that you have concerns about the quality or consistency of your bite. Patients from Lincoln visiting our orthodontist can also receive treatment for issues like pain and discomfort caused by incorrect tooth and jaw alignment.

Children should be scheduled to visit an Orthodontist around their seventh birthday, or whenever adult teeth erupt. Children have developing teeth and jaws and an Orthodontist can design the right appliances and perform procedures to treat issues before they become more complex.

As an adult, you should schedule an appointment with our orthodontist near Lincoln whenever:

  • You have general concerns surrounding the bite and alignment of teeth and jaws.
  • You have an underbite, overbite, crossbite, or open-bite.
  • Your teeth are crowded or incorrectly spaced.
  • The position of your teeth is affecting the aesthetic of your smile.

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What are the Most Common Treatments Provided by an Orthodontist?

Braces are the most common treatment provided by an Orthodontist. Braces gradually move teeth into the correct position to improve the esthetic and function of the smile. They can correct the bite to ensure that speaking, biting, and chewing all feel natural.

There is a range of options for braces with your Orthodontist.

Our Orthodontics treatment for patients from Lincoln, also covers plastic aligners, palate expansion, jaw surgery, and a range of other treatments.

Although braces are most used for children and adolescents, adults can also wear braces. As you age, issues with your bite and your smile can become more apparent. Orthodontic treatment provides treatments that will improve your self-confidence as well as the function of your bite.

It is estimated that one in five patients treated with braces is of adult age. The available treatment options aren’t as extensive as those available for children, but the treatments are still highly effective, especially when planned and provided by the expert team at Emerald Orthodontics.

Comparing Braces – Orthodontics for Patients from Lincoln

Braces are used for orthodontics for patients from Lincoln and there are several options available for patients today. The right treatment for you depends on your unique case. Dr. Nardone will provide extensive information during your consultation so that you can make an informed choice.

  • Metal Braces Orthodontics for patients from Lincoln – Metal braces are the most common and reliable form of orthodontic treatment for misaligned and improperly positioned teeth. They are comfortable and are easily maintained with in-office visits. Metal braces are suitable for children and adults.
  • Ceramic Braces Orthodontics for patients from Lincoln – These braces are tooth-coloured and provide a more natural aesthetic. If you feel self-conscious about the prospect of wearing braces, ceramic braces are a viable alternative to traditional metal braces. Because ceramic braces aren’t as strong or as durable as metal braces, they are only suited to minor and some moderate cases. Dr. Nardone will consult with you to determine if ceramic braces are right for you.
  • Lingual Braces Orthodontics for patients from Lincoln – Lingual braces are attached to the back of teeth and are invisible. You’ll feel more confident when smiling. The most esthetic choice, lingual braces come with a higher cost.

You can discuss all your treatment options with a full diagnosis and case evaluation at Emerald Orthodontics.

Invisalign® is an Alternative to Braces for Patients Near Lincoln

You can choose Invisalign® aligners in many cases where braces are required. Invisalign® is a system where plastic aligners are worn 24/7 to gradually move teeth into the correct position. Invisalign® is suited to moderate and minor issues. Invisalign® is comfortable and almost indistinguishable in the smile.

Talk to the team at Emerald Orthodontics to learn if Invisalign® is a viable alternative to for your unique case.

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Orthodontics covers a range of treatments to correct complex issues of the bite and jaw positioning. Your family dentist can provide routine care and case planning, but you will need to see a specialist for orthodontics.

Emerald Orthodontics is located in Grimsby, just minutes from Lincoln. If you need orthodontics treatment, we are the convenient, trusted, and effective option. Detailed case planning ensures that you get the most effective outcome from your treatment, whether that’s with braces, clear aligners, or surgical procedures for jaw issues.

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