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If you’re in Hamilton or any of the nearby areas, you can get orthodontic treatment at Emerald Orthodontics, based in Grimsby. Dr. Jessica Nardone is an orthodontist worth travelling to visit from Hamilton, assisted by an expert team of dental professionals, ready to deliver the most advanced care.

Orthodontics can treat a range of issues from bite problems to tooth crowding, palate abnormalities, and jaw problems. Schedule your consultation with our caring orthodontist treating patients from Hamilton and enjoy detail-focused care with the best possible outcome.

Hamilton Orthodontics Treatment

Dr. Nardone is a certified practitioner of orthodontics offering treatments for common problems including:

  • Crowding.
  • Irregular or abnormal spacing.
  • Protruding teeth (overjet).
  • Overbite and underbite.
  • Crossbite.
  • Open bite.

Orthodontics can also treat deformation and abnormalities in the jaw when they are severe. Jaw surgery is used to correct advanced issues in children and adults, including those caused by injury.

With a compassionate and highly-focused approach to orthodontics for patients from Hamilton, Dr. Nardone will ensure that your treatment is designed to address the immediate issues and provide long-term success.

At What Age Should You Visit an Orthodontist?

Young patients from Hamilton usually visit our orthodontist around the age of seven to evaluate the development of the teeth and jaws and plan any necessary treatment.

Adults from Hamilton can visit our orthodontist at any age. In fact, braces and other forms of treatment like Invisalign® are becoming more common in adult patients. Adult treatment with an orthodontist can straighten the smile and correct functional issues to improve confidence and quality of life.

Around 20% of all orthodontic patients are of adult age.

Differences Between Your Orthodontist and Dentist Near Hamilton Ontario

For general care, you can visit your Dentist near Hamilton Ontario for treatments like fillings, teeth cleaning, veneers, and more. For more advanced cases where an orthodontic appliance or orthognathic surgery is necessary, your dentist near Hamilton Ontario will refer you to an orthodontist, such as Emerald Orthodontics, based a short drive away in Grimsby.

Your dentist near Hamilton Ontario is available for primary screenings and checkups. You can visit your dentist near Hamilton Ontario to provide treatment for cavities, broken teeth, cracked teeth, and other structural issues. Depending on their experience, your dentist nearby Hamilton Ontario may also provide advanced treatments like dental implant surgery.

The primary responsibility of your orthodontist is to examine and assess abnormalities of the jaws and teeth, perform corrective procedures including jaw surgery, and manage your orthodontic treatment through to its conclusion. Your orthodontist is a specialist providing advanced care beyond what is available at a dentist nearby Hamilton or surrounding areas such as Hamilton Mountain.

Should You Visit a Dentist near Hamilton Mountain for Invisalign®?

Your orthodontist and dentist nearby Hamilton Mountain can prescribe treatment with an Invisalign® aligner. Many dentists are certified to provide Invisalign®, but there are a few reasons why you should visit a specialist rather than your family dentist in Hamilton Mountain.

  • An orthodontist can diagnose and treat advanced abnormalities of the teeth and jaws that a dentist in Hamilton Mountain can’t.
  • Your orthodontist treating patients from Hamilton can perform advanced jaw surgery for severe abnormalities.
  • Your dentist in Hamilton Mountain doesn’t have the same experience or education for jaw and tooth issues relating to alignment and your bite.
  • There may be a better solution available. For severe crowding and spacing problems of the teeth, Invisalign® won’t provide sufficient correction.

Invisalign® is designed for minor and some forms of moderate abnormality with tooth spacing and position. Treatment with orthodontics, including braces, could be better suited to your needs. A specialist opinion can have a significant impact on the success of your treatment.

Book an Appointment with our Caring Orthodontist in Grimsby, near Hamilton

You should schedule an appointment with a trusted orthodontist any time that you have concerns about your bite or the alignment of your teeth. Treatments are available for patients of all ages.

  • If you experience irregularities in how your teeth come together, you can schedule an appointment with your orthodontist.
  • Book an appointment if you have difficulty speaking, eating, or chewing.
  • If you have large spaces or crowding, you can get treatment at Emerald Orthodontics.
  • Come and see us if you have recently moved to Hamilton and want to get a check-up with a specialist for previously treated or existing orthodontic issues.

Dr. Nardone takes time to evaluate your case. She and her team are patient and informative when covering potential treatments, their benefits, and the expected outcomes. If you have received treatment elsewhere but aren’t happy with the results, Dr. Nardone can evaluate your case and plan follow-up work.

From jaw straightening surgery to traditional braces, you will get the most detailed care at Emerald Orthodontics. Schedule an appointment with the friendliest orthodontist near Hamilton and look ahead to a healthy, straight, functional, and beautiful smile.

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