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You can get the best possible treatment for crooked, miss-paced, and misaligned teeth with a professional orthodontist near Binbrook. Treatments at Emerald Orthodontics are designed to carefully address your unique needs with detailed planning and management. Dr. Jessica Nardone and her experienced team provide detailed care with a friendly and compassionate approach.

Book your consultation with an Orthodontist near Binbrook, Hamilton, and enjoy the promising treatment results that will have you smiling with confidence.

Do You Need an Orthodontist Near Binbrook?

When should you visit an orthodontist near Binbrook? For most patients, any concern with the overall bite or the position of teeth is a reason to schedule a consultation with an orthodontist near Binbrook.

Children should see an orthodontist at around seven years of age to evaluate the development of teeth and jaws and plan any necessary treatments. There are more orthodontics treatments available to children as the jaws are still developing and corrective measures can be applied.

Adults can also seek orthodontics treatment for aesthetic and functional concerns.

You can call us for an appointment for orthodontics treatment when:

  • Your child reached 7 years of age and adult teeth have erupted.
  • Your child has problems with their bite or the position or appearance of their teeth.
  • You are an adult and have an overbite, crossbite, or underbite.
  • You have problems chewing or speaking.
  • You have an open bite while resting or sleeping.
  • You have pain or discomfort in your jaw or around your teeth.
  • You feel that your teeth don’t come together properly when biting and chewing.

A detailed evaluation is the start of effective case planning. Dr. Nardone has found that oral and dental health is key to overall health and well being. Orthodontic treatment can resolve embarrassing conditions that sap your self-confidence or impact your daily quality of life.

Options for Dental Braces Near Binbrook

Dental braces are the most common form of orthodontic treatment for our patients near Binbrook. Braces gradually move teeth into position and can correct alignment issues. Dental braces provide both functional and aesthetic results.

There are three main types of Dental braces used today. Metal braces are the most common and are effective for all cases from moderate issues through to severe issues. Metal Dental braces are adjusted in gradual increments to move teeth into position under the supervision of your Orthodontist.

Ceramic Dental braces are a more recent innovation offering improved aesthetic and comfort. Ceramic braces can be shade-matched to teeth making them less visible in the smile. The material is less abrasive with less irritation for teeth and the insides of cheeks. Ceramic Binbrook braces are ideal for minor and moderate cases but aren’t suited to severe cases as the material is less durable than metal.

Lingual braces are the third option and these are truly “invisible” as they are attached to the backsides of teeth. They serve the same purpose as ceramic and metal braces for patients from Binbrook with the best possible aesthetic for the most confident smile while undergoing treatment.

How Comfortable are Braces for Patients from Binbrook?

When you get braces from Emerald Orthodontics, you’ll enjoy detailed care with the highest possible level of comfort. Braces are designed to move teeth with incremental adjustments. There is some discomfort after the initial fitting but most patients feel comfortable with their new braces within the first two weeks.

Adjustments can come with a few days of discomfort but this is mild and easily managed. You can always reach out to our office if you experience any discomfort or pain that is difficult to manage. Orthodontic treatments are carefully planned to ensure the least discomfort for patients.

Invisalign® with Your Orthodontist

If you have mild or moderate issues with crowding, tooth spacing, and your bite, you could have orthodontic treatment with Invisalign®. Your Orthodontist will prescribe clear plastic aligners that are worn 24/7 to gradually move your teeth into position. You can take aligner trays home after leaving your Orthodontist and switch out the tray at predetermined dates to make adjustments without visiting the clinic. Appointments with your Orthodontist will be scheduled to track the progress of Invisalign® treatment.

Call a Professional Provider of Orthodontic Treatment

With a professional Orthodontics treatment, you can resolve issues with your bite and enjoy a straighter, healthier, and more aesthetic smile. At Emerald Orthodontics you will get professional care with a highly-detailed approach that is designed to provide excellent treatment outcomes.

Book an appointment today with Dr. Jessica Nardone at her office in Grimsby, and benefit from the friendly and compassionate approach of a professional orthodontist for patients from Binbrook.

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